About OncityApp

Oncityapp is a dynamic and growing organization that offers a variety of opportunities for businesses looking to grow in their business. The OncityApp brand originated as OnLine City Application in 2011.

OncityApp is a specialized platform to post Business daily ads. Posting ads take you to Top Position. Henceforth, we make our registered business owners to grow their business daily and help to reach their customers. OncityApp changes every business owners as innovative.

How OncityApp works?
Public or Customers can simply explore near by business ads like Offers, Deals or any form of business advertisement on their smart phone using OncityApp. OncityApp collect nearest business ads from nearest shop or service. Thus consumers can aware and benefit from purchasing from the nearest seller. Registered businesses can cut down their advertising cost and post their ads daily.

How sellers can benefit using OncityApp?
OncityApp cut Newspaper cost, Tv cost and printing of outlets and pamplets cost of every business owners.
OncityApp make public to be in home and access their local shops and saves their timing and purchasing cost of every people.

Payment Gateway :
OncityApp is tied with secure and trusted online payment companies for payment gateway. We accepts UPI payments,Netbanking payments through online.

The OncityApp story

Fazul, Abdul, Khan, Naziya, Shajitha, Mubarak started Oncityapp to solve one problem – make the internet a trustworthy place for a business to grow.

Oncityapp started with advertisement link – a simple URL that one can see nearby advertisement and share anywhere on the internet using social media platform.

Today we are building an eCommerce platform that allows anyone to open their own online store on the platform in just a few clicks. The online store also comes with every eCommerce feature a business needs. We are the simplest, most affordable eCommerce platform in India that’s trusted by 5,000+ businesses.

Who is the owner for oncityapp?

Mr. Fazul Rahuman is the owner and ceo for oncityapp.

Who is the cofounder for oncityapp?

Mr. Abdul Aziz is the cofounder for oncityapp.